Welcome to Drake Counseling Services, Inc.

Drake Counseling Services, Inc. is based out of Fargo, North Dakota and founded by Dr. Charles Drake. Established in 1992, Drake Counseling has provided individualized substance abuse, chemical dependency, and mental health counseling to adults and adolescents from all walks of life. We know that addiction is a disease that afflicts not only the individual involved in active addiction, but also the family members and significant people within their lives. Our drug and alcohol dependency programs have a proven functioning structure and encouraging support system to effectively assist those in active addiction that are seeking recovery. Our multi-disciplinary team utilizes treatment plans that are developmentally, culturally, and emotionally personalized for and tailored to each client in order to constructively maximize their treatment experience and overall success in their lifelong recovery.

Because of Dr. Drake’s beliefs in developing his highly qualified and multi-disciplinary staff to implement exclusive personalized care, preventative education, and respectable aftercare, Drake Counseling Services, Inc. has expanded to four facilities within eastern North Dakota and northern Minnesota. However, we understand that, in the end, our job is only temporary. We can only help those in active addiction identify, investigate, and manage the underlying causes of their addiction. We eagerly offer the knowledge necessary to begin a life free from the damages of active addiction. We willingly furnish the tools that are essential in establishing a firm foundation upon which to build a meaningful life. A rewarding life that can be filled with accomplishment, gainful health, healthy loving relationships, and a confident self-esteem.

We are just the first step in the lifelong journey of recovery.

There is life beyond addiction. Hope is here.